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Light is one of the most important elements to human survival and life.  Our main source of light coming from the sun, but that only provides light for part of the day.  At night and when we are inside we use electrical powered lighting to get by.  However, it is important that the light that we use is adequate for safety, particularly eye safety.  Too much light can cause a headache and too little light can cause eye strain.  Accidents can also occur in poor lighting situations.  It is easy to make a mistake when we have problems properly viewing what we are doing. 

There are many ways to solve both of these issues in both work and home environments.  If you are dealing with a lack of lighting causing eye strain you can hire a Lexington electrician to inspect your light situation and make suggestions to improve the situation.  The obvious answer would be to add more lighting, but sometimes swapping out a light fixture with one that has more bulbs can do the trick.  The light bulbs being used can also be causing the problem.  If the fixture will allow it, brighter light bulbs can do the trick.  Don't forget about CFL and LED bulbs that produce much more light while using a fraction of the wattage of an incandescent or halogen bulb.  If light bulbs or a new fixture won't solve the problem Threewire Electric can offer some different options to supply adequate lighting.

When dealing with a surplus of light there are a few different ways to handle the issue.  The first option would be to install a dimmer on the lights (if the bulbs are dimmable).  Other options could be putting some of the lighting on a different switch so certain lights can be turned on together rather than all the lights at the same time.  Lastly, fixture or bulb replacement could again solve this issue. 

Don't let eye strain due to a lack or surplus of lighting negatively affect you.  There are plenty of option


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