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An extension cord is a flexible, insulated electric wire fitted with one or more outlets on one end and a plug at the other end. It provides a convenient, way to use electrical equipment that can’t reach a wall receptacle. 

Extension cords should only be used on a temporary basis.  When not in use they should be unplugged, put away and properly stored.

Continual use over time can cause the
insulation of the extension cord to deteriorate causing a potentially dangerous electric shock or fire.

Never use a cord that feels hot when in use.  This is a tell tale sign that either the cord is damaged or that it's not rated for the
equipment that is plugged into it.

Only purchase and use extension cords that have been approved by an independent testing laboratory.

Do not use an extension cord that appears to be damaged or burnt in any way.  Doing so could cause an electric shock or burn.

Make sure your extension cord is rated for the equipment that is being plugged into it. 

Never remove the grounding "3rd" pin to fit the extension cord into a 2 prong outlet.

Extension cords are the leading cause of electrical fires
and if improperly used can cause injury or even death. 

If you find yourself constantly using extension cords in your Lexington home you should consider calling a licensed electrician to install additional outlets in your home. 



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